Big Data Characteristics

Big Data

We differentiate Big Data characteristics from traditional data by at least one of the four V’s: Volume, Velocity, Variety and variability.

Variety of Big Data refers to both structured, unstructured, and semistructured data which is gathered from several sources.  Whilst in years past data may only be collected from databases and spreadsheets, now data comes in a range of forms such as mails, PDFs, photos, videos, audios, SM posts, and much more.

Organizations gathers the information from comparative sources, which includes business transactions, social media and data from detector or machine-to-machine data.  Before, storage proved to be a significant issue but today the advancement of new technology (such as Hadoop has decreased the weight. 

We already know that Big Data suggests enormous’volumes’ of information that’s being generated on a daily basis from several resources like social networking platforms, company procedures, machines, programs, individual interactions, etc..  Such a massive number of information are stored in data warehouses.


Amazon handles 15 million customer click flow user information daily to recommend products. Extremely substantial volume of data is important characteristic of big data online instruction


Velocity measures how quickly data is produced and modified and the rate with which it needs to be processed.  An increased number of information sources both human and machine generated drive velocity.

Velocity basically refers to the rate at which data is being created in real-time.  In a broader potential, it comprises the speed of change, linking of incoming data collections at varying rates, and activity bursts.

Data streams unparalleled speed of velocity and have improved in timely way.  RFID tags, sensors and intelligent metering are driving the need to deal with torrents of information in real-time operations.


72 hours of movie are uploaded to YouTube every second this is actually the velocity.Extremely Higher speed of data is another Significant big data attributes 3) Variety:Variety defines data coming from new origin both inside and outside of an enterprise It can be ordered, semi-structured or even unstructured.

Information comes in a variety of form of structured, numeric data in traditional databases to unstructured text documents, email, video, sound, stock ticker data and financial transactions.

  While in the past, data may only be collected from spreadsheets and databases, now info comes in a range of forms including emails, PDFs, pictures, videos, audios, SM posts, and so much more. 


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